Neopost invests in innovation. From the 1 billion Euros group turnover, 4 to 4.5% is invested in new ideas and market research. Our employees are given every opportunity to initiate innovation. The aim is to use product development to expand our market position and to safeguard continuity. Up to date tools are an essential part of this. We work with 3D CAD, PLM, CMS and ERP SAP systems and develop methods using Agile. These systems are an optimum way to support product development. Within which we look outside for existing markets and create new concepts. Ideas can come about in all areas of the organisation, for example, within our R&D which has 80 employees. Or at one of the other 8 R&D locations across the world. In total, 300 employees work on the future of Neopost. In order to then be able to implement a project, we require all of our departments. Sometimes multiple R&D locations work simultaneously on projects. We work with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams; combining our knowhow. And we have short lines between development and implementation. It means that today’s promising idea is tomorrow’s reality.