Our organisation

While they are sometimes ‘born’, new ideas are not always brought to life. For that they require a good environment. One in which they are given room, can be encouraged and tested for things such as achievability and feasibility. That is why Neopost invests in innovation. 4 to 4.5% of the group’s turnover of around 1 billion Euros is invested into new ideas and market research. Our employees are given every opportunity to initiate innovation. We put a great deal of energy into the development of advanced, user friendly products and the integration of these products. Innovative employees find their best ideas appearing on the production floor. And the production floor can be international. However you look at it: nowhere is the distance between ideas and reality so small.

Our business

How can you get hundreds of letters ready for dispatch within a half hour? How can you sort hundreds of letters within such a short space of time? What is the fastest way of opening a stack of envelopes? How can you package thousands of items into one box? And what software applications can you use to further optimize the customer process? These are crucial questions for companies wishing to send large quantities of post and packages. They expect high standards from their facilities departments. And that is precisely what we’re good at: using advanced systems to find solutions for users. It’s why we are a worldwide frontrunner.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

The systems produced by Neopost Technologies are advanced and complex. We manufacture many of the sheet metal and axes in house. Using our LEAN experts, our assembly lines are set up according to the latest technological and ergonomic developments. Yet we continue to look for ways to further improve our quality and efficiency. Not only in terms of parts, but also at machine level. To do this we use LEAN and 6 sigma tools. The concept of quality is rooted in the quality of our company. Our employees work together on that with one aim in mind: today is better than yesterday!

Sales and service support

Sales organisations in 70 countries receive support from Neopost for their sales and services. We create sales brochures and technical manuals. And we train our sellers and service colleagues ‘in the field.’ Using an advanced online system, we receive feedback about the quality of our products from our clients. That’s how we reduce the distance between innovation, manufacturing and end-users and how we are able to make sure that our customers come first.